At the beginning of June 2024, our shipyard Reale Yachts completed the delivery of a new unit of the Heritage 40.This unit is characterized by an elegant blue navy hull, making it both fashionable and distinctive. The delivery trial was particularly thrilling as the weather suddenly changed, forcing navigation through huge sea conditions. The Heritage […]

Heritage is a ‘total custom’ tender designed and built with the philosophy of Reale Yachts. It was developed in line with the highest design and construction standards and can be customised to comply to the customer’s needs. The use of aluminium makes Heritage tender unique, strong, reliable, customisable in all its components, and ecological, as […]

Italian shipyard Reale Yachts has announced that its long-awaited luxury tender has been launched. Heritage Cabin is a total custom boat built following the Reale philosophy, built to the highest standards to satisfy owners in all their needs, from daily pleasure to fishing. From comfortable cruising to high-speed cruising. All the advantages of high quality […]

Freedom 55 is the newest addition to Reale Yachts fleet. Combining the exceptional design flair with the italian build-quality, Freedom 55 delivers guests ashore in unprecedented style, speed and comfort. She also appeals to customers looking for an elegant and uncompromising fast weekender or day boat. Designed to meet the expectations of very demanding Owners […]