With a design of balanced double propellers on both sides, MIX looks harmonious in structure and elegant in appearance. It is steady and easy to control in actual use. Protective nettings are designed around the propellers, which eliminate all risks of wounding your fingers. We have also taken into full consideration the various use scenarios in water, and through ingenious structural design, we enable MIX to have zero buoyancy in water. Even you release it in water, it will not sink to the bottom of the water. Without hidden hazard, you will enjoy a free swimming.






Featured by a propulsion system that consists of two independently developed and evenly equipped SUBLUE
propellers on both sides, with the propulsive force of a single propeller reaching 4 kg, White Shark MIX’s small device
body features outstanding performance. The perfect integration of small dimensions and powerful propulsive force
enables you to swim as fast as a professional swimming athlete in water and enjoy the honor of sparkling in the
swimming competition arena.

In order to enable the first-time user to easily use White Shark MIX, we have considered each detailed user experience with our utmost care. The MIX features a minimalist and balanced design, and for the sake of operation, only the magnetic switches at the hand grips on both sides are retained. There is nothing to learn. You just need to pick it up and enjoy the exhilarating sensation of swimming freely in water.

On the minimalist and cool device body of MIX that exudes a futuristic sense, we have specially designed a general interface for GoPro camera, which enables you to personally record everything in water while you freely swim